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Ten Healthy Activities For Your Kids

Gone are the days when kids would head out in the morning to ride bikes around the neighborhood with a pack of friends until dinner time. Technology and safety concerns keep kids close to home and often indoors. Unfortunately, this has adversely impacted the health of our children. Childhood obesity has more than doubled in [&hellip
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It’s Hard to Compare Swing Sets Online. Come Play on a Rainbow!

Spring is here! The green grass that has hibernated through the winter is pushing through. Your kids are excited to get out and enjoy the sunny weather, but what’s missing? A swing set! So how should you go about choosing the right swing set? It’s hard to compare swing sets online. That’s why we invite [&hellip
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Study Suggests: Put Down Your Phone and Unplug Your Kids

A recent study may inspire you to put down your phone and unplug your kids. See why a high-quality swing set is sometimes better than a smart phone if you want to bond with your family and teach your kids to use technology wisely. Boston Medical Center researchers studied more than 50 interactions between parents [&hellip
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