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Creative Play Activities Promotes Healthy Cognition

Creative play activities are healthy, and help to form executive function in children. One important part of executive function is self-regulation. When children can self-regulate, they are less impulsive and more in control of their actions (say goodbye to temper tantrums!). Good executive function even predicts success in school. In fact, utilizing creative play in [&hellip
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Three Ways to Have Happy And Healthy Kids

As parents in a country with growing health problems relating to inactivity, you are concerned about how to raise happy and healthy kids who can enjoy themselves. Here are three ways to have kids who are not only healthy, but are happy and active, too. 1. Have Outdoor Fun. Most of us grew up playing [&hellip
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Unplug Your Kids From Technology

Did you know that kids spend an average of 52 hours a week in front of a screen? That’s a total of seven-and-a-half hours a day in front of a television, computer, and any other electronic device. Today, kids are being introduced to technology at younger ages. However, according to The American Academy of Pediatrics, [&hellip
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Ten Healthy Activities For Your Kids

Gone are the days when kids would head out in the morning to ride bikes around the neighborhood with a pack of friends until dinner time. Technology and safety concerns keep kids close to home and often indoors. Unfortunately, this has adversely impacted the health of our children. Childhood obesity has more than doubled in [&hellip
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Study Suggests: Put Down Your Phone and Unplug Your Kids

A recent study may inspire you to put down your phone and unplug your kids. See why a high-quality swing set is sometimes better than a smart phone if you want to bond with your family and teach your kids to use technology wisely. Boston Medical Center researchers studied more than 50 interactions between parents [&hellip
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