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Why Rainbow?

Because your children deserve the best! Rainbow Play Systems creates the highest quality, safe, residential wooden swing set equipment in America. We use the finest materials, including 100% natural Redwood (naturally decay resistant), dual-bolt construction, commercial-grade hardware, dipped safety chains and all our Original Rainbow Play Systems are covered by the best Lifetime Warranty in the business. Rainbow is the only company offering100% Redwood. While some other companies may claim to use redwood check the fine print. They will probably mix in other woods such as Cunnnighamia which is imported from China. Durability is unknown for this type of wood. Rainbow is the brand you can trust when it comes to safe wooden swing sets. Currently celebrating over 28 years of Building Childhood Memories with over 500,000 plays systems installed.

Where are Rainbow’s made?

Proudly Manufactured in America! Rainbow operates the largest playground factory in the world right in the heartland of America. The Rainbow Factory World Headquarters is 675,000 square feet and is located on 103 acres in beautiful Brookings, South Dakota.

How do I know where to put my swing set?

Locate your play system on level ground (we do offer swing set solutions for un-level yards). Rainbow offers many models specifically designed for tight spaces with hundreds of possible configurations to choose from. Stop by our showroom and let us help you design a swingset to fit your space and your budget.

I have a small yard can I still purchase a Rainbow swing set?

Yes, Rainbow makes a swing set to fit every yard and budget.

I have an un-level yard can I still purchase a Rainbow swing set?

Rainbow Play Systems offers a huge selection of swing set options which include solutions for hard-to-fit uneven backyards. Let’s face it, residential yards come in all shapes, sizes and soils and one swing set configuration is not going to work in every backyard. Rainbow has developed an exclusive line of accessories specifically for un-level play areas.

What ages are the Rainbow swing sets for?

Kids are never too young to too old (that means Mom’s and Dad’s also) to enjoy a Rainbow Play set. Please shop as if your children are 11 or 12 years old right now. Rainbows are designed to grow into, not out of.

Are there any weight limits on a Rainbow swing set?

Original Rainbow swing sets can accommodate as many kids or adults as can fit on them. Some of our Kit Series models do have some weight limitations specific to those models only; ask us for details.

Are your swing sets modular?

Your Original Rainbow swing set can expand as your family grows. Most of our play sets are modular, which means you can add more fun accessories as your children’s interests and capabilities change. For example, depending on the model you choose you may start with our toddler bucket swing and eventually move up to the rings and overhead monkey bars; or how about adding on that spiral slide in a few years? No problem. With Rainbow, the possibilities are endless.

Do I have to install the swing set myself?

No, we have our specially trained installers ready to build your dream swing set.

What do we do if we move?

Call your local showroom. Rainbow’s are built to be taken down, moved, and reassembled. Unlike cheaper swing sets that utilize lag bolts (big screws) to attach key structural components, Rainbows are built with big, through-bolt (metal on metal) construction. Competitor’s lag screws strip out the wood over time causing parts to work loose and never go back together as tight as the first time. Rainbow’s through-bolt construction ensures that any time a Rainbow is moved it goes back together just as tight and as sturdy as the first time it was assembled, and with over 250 locations worldwide a local Rainbow dealer is there to help just about anywhere.

Will the slide or canopy color fade?

All slides and canopies are made with U.V protectors that prevent the color from fading.

Can you put a 360 degree tire swing on the Clubhouse models?

No, the 360 tire swing is specific to our Castle models only.

What kind of warranty do the Rainbow Play Systems come with?

Rainbow quality includes the best warranty coverage in the industry. Rainbow Play Systems are commercial grade. However, our play systems are designed for residential use only. Rainbows are not recommended for heavy commercial applications such as public parks and public schools. Please take a look at our commercial line for parks and schools. Original Rainbow’s come with a “no strings attached” Lifetime Warranty.

How do I pick out a Rainbow that’s best for my family?

Call or stop in to your local showroom, and a trained swing set associate will be happy to advise you. Selecting the perfect Play system for your kids and yard will be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

How do I order a Rainbow Play Set?

Call or stop in to your local showroom, a Rainbow swing set associate will be happy to help you. From the selection of your set to arranging for its installation, we make it fun!