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Rainbow Warranty


Annual safety and maintenance services also available.

The safety of your children is important to us. Rainbow Play Systems always uses the highest quality building materials so we can provide the best swing sets in the industry. Rainbow swing sets are constructed with commercial grade materials even though our Rainbow Play Systems are intended for residential use only. However, we are now offering the Rainbow Play Village swing set line that is perfect for heavy commercial applications such as public parks and schools.

The best warranty coverage in the swing set business.

Because we choose the highest quality materials, we’re able to offer outstanding warranties on our swing sets. Each Rainbow Play System swing set is unique based on the features and components your family chooses to design your perfect swing set. There are literally hundreds of components and pieces that go into making each Rainbow swing set, each with its own lifetime or 5-year warranty. The overall warranty document shared on this page covers the Rainbow Original Castle swing sets and Rainbow Original Clubhouse swing sets. Please refer to component photos to determine the precise warranty coverage for your unique swing set. And remember, many of our factory direct showrooms offer annual safety checks and maintenance plans to keep your swing set safe and ready for play in your backyard.

A note about wood: The wooden components in your Rainbow Play Systems swing set will have natural imperfections such as surface cracks, knots and knot holes. These are natural characteristics of wood. Natural imperfections such as these that do not affect structural integrity are not covered under this warranty.

Lifetime Warranty:

Rainbow’s Lifetime Warranty includes all Redwood wood components. Excludes all seasonal checks, surface cracks, knot holes and knots in the wood components. All scoop slides, “Rainbow“ Wave Slides, Crawl Tunnels, Panel Mounts and Crow’s Nests are included in the Lifetime Warranty. The Commercial-Grade Swing hangers, Tire Swing Swivels, Structural Bolts, Vinyl Coated Swing Beam Plate, Brackets, Handles, and Climbing Rungs are also covered in the Lifetime Warranty.


Rainbow’s Five Year Warranty includes Chain Ladders, Chains, Powder-Coated Rungs, Brackets & Plates, Screws, Tire Swing, Rings, Sling Swings, Bucket Swings, Half-Bucket Swings, Lexan Window, Periscope, Buoy Ball, Disc, Steering Wheel, Ship’s Wheel, Telescope, binoculars, Chalkboard, Tic-Tac-Toe Panel, Deluxe Glider, Tarps, 10′ Blow Molded Slide, and the Rocks on the Wall.


Exclusive Lifetime & Five-Year Warranties

View/Print Exclusive Lifetime and Five Year Warranties
(Excludes Super Funhouse.)

2016 Super Funhouse Warranty

2016 Commercial Warranty

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